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Media & Rate Card

The Buyers’ Guides are in B5 format with a 250 glossy gsm cover and 115 gsm internal pages.

We produce the guides in B5 format because they look highly professional and sit easily on shelves or by the phone so managers can keep them as a come-in-handy guide for easy reference.

They are crammed full of information to make them both readable and helpful to Managers


How do I submit an advert?

Adverts can be submitted in a wide range of formats: PDF; JPEG; Tiff; GIF; Publisher; Quark X-Press;
Word, or we can produce an advert for you for just £50 or FREE if you book for 3 issues or publications



The Buyers’ Guide for ..................  Independent Schools

Goes to every Headteacher/Principal and Bursar/Business Manager

The Buyers’ Guide for...................  Academies

Goes to every  Headteacher/Principal and Business Manager

The Buyers’ Guide for................... Universities and Colleges

Goes to the Vice Chancellor/Chief Executive and Operating Officer/Business Manager




The advertising rates follow and as you can see we keep the costs as low as possible to make it possible for all businesses to be able to promote themselves to potential customers.

Compare our costs to other publications and look at the quality and the “keepability” of the magazines.  It is important that when you advertise your company that the advert stands out and is in a publication that the customer wants to keep because it has the information that they need.

Premium Pages are the inside front and inside back or centre pages.



1 publication

2 publications

3 publications

Full Page
215 x 145mm
£400 £360 each £320 each
Half Page
145x105 or 72x215mm
£220 £190 each £170 each
Qtr Page
145 x52 or 105x72
£120 £100 each £90 each

Eighth Page


£60 each

£50 each

Premium Pages      
Back Page
Inside Front/Back
Double Centre Page


Graphic Design for your advert £50 £50 Free

*These costs are exclusive of VAT which will be charged at the standard rate of 20% unless you inform us if you are zero-rated

Payment is to be made on booking or by prior agreement within 14 days of issue of the invoice.
Payment can be made by bank transfer, cheque, cash, credit, debit card or by standing order.


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